Powerful Benefits Of Rosemary Oil

The eating of rosemary flower in a preserve comforts the brain, the heart and the stomach; sharpens understanding, restores lost memory, awakens the mind, and in sum is a healthy remedy for various cold ailments of the head and the stomach.
— Pedanius Dioscorides (Greek Physician and Botanist)

If you’re familiar with the pungent scent of fresh rosemary, you may already have a sense of the herb’s powerful effects.

The aromatic, sun-loving Rosemary (Rosemarinus Officinalis) is a beautiful evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves and brilliant blue flowers.

Rosemary is native to rocky, dry areas close to the Mediterranean Sea. The powerful scent of rosemary is fresh, camphoraceous, warm and radiant like the sun.

Rosemary is one of Earth's oldest incenses. Rosemary has been burned for centuries in sick chambers to purify the air, specifically in French hospitals during World War II to kill germs. Burned also in churches and courtrooms and other public arenas for its antiseptic properties. 

Interestingly, the vigorous character of the plant mirrors its effects on our bodies. As a warming herb, rosemary has a stimulating effect on the circulatory system and is helpful for bringing blood and nutrition to the skin.

Psycho-emotionally, rosemary oil's invigorating scent is reviving to the mind and emotions and is a wonderful aid for letting go of feelings of stress, frustration, and inner resistance.

Rosemary oil stimulates the central nervous system and brain function

Rosemary is believed to be arousing and has been linked to memory at least as far back as the writings of Shakespeare.

"There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray you, love, remember," says Ophelia in Hamlet.

Research has also confirmed the herb’s influence on the nervous system. Rosemary oil is a powerful tool in helping to clear the mind and for increasing mental awareness. It has also been shown to possess excellent brain-stimulating properties as well as an aid for memory improvement.

The aroma of rosemary essential oil may improve the ability of people over 65 to remember events and to remember to complete tasks at particular times in the future. A recent study showed that volunteers in a rosemary-scented room seemed to remember 60-75 percent more when asked to do the same tasks as a group in an unscented room (Moss M., et al., Research Gate).

Other studies have found that pupils working in a room with the aroma of rosemary, in the form of essential oil, achieved 5% to 7% better results in memory tests (Filiptsova O.V., et al. Science Direct).

Rosemary oil is extremely helpful for concentration, especially when mental performance needs to be sharp and clear.

Rosemary oil improves blood circulation

Researchers measured the effects of smelling rosemary essential oil and found that it stimulated heart rates, respiratory rates, and blood pressure. The participants felt fresher, became more active, and less drowsy after exposure to the rosemary oil (Sayorwan W., et al., Pub Med).

Rosemary oil strengthens the immune system

Rosemary's antiseptic and anti-infectious properties support a healthy functioning immune system. An immune stimulant, rosemary oil may be useful for relieving respiratory conditions like bronchitis and sinusitis as well as the symptoms of cold and flu. Its mucolytic, decongestant, and expectorant properties give rosemary its outstanding ability to relieve excess mucous conditions. Inhalation of rosemary will clear blocked sinuses and relieves stuffy nose and sinus congestion (Kaufmann C., Nature's Essential Oils: Aromatic Alchemy for Well-Being, 2018).

Rosemary oil benefits for your skin

Rosemary oil has great potential to be used topically and helps maintain skin homeostasis. It absorbs UV light well and is a bactericidal and antifungal agent. Excellent in skincare formulations for treating eczema, dermatitis, acne, scars, skin lesions and oily skin. Rosemary's oil antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regulating action is helpful for fighting infection and promoting glandular balance and function. Massaging Rosemary Oil regularly on the skin helps eliminate flaking and dryness, even skin tone because of the stimulation that rosemary encourages in skin tissue (Malvezzi de Macedo L., et al., MDPI).

Rosemary oil benefits for your hair

Rosemary oil is also an effective astringent and can help combat itchiness and dandruff on the scalp. Its anti-alopecia properties are also being studied. Rosemary oil stimulates the roots, improves hair growth, and increases circulation in the scalp. Rosemary works by improving blood circulation and vascularization, helping the regeneration of hair follicles (Kaufmann C., Nature's Essential Oils: Aromatic Alchemy for Well-Being, 2018).

Rosemary essential oil benefits

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