Benefits of a Warm Bath

Total relaxationDiscover 8 Healing Benefits of Soaking in a Warm Bath

The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage EVERY DAY 
— Hippocrates

Soaking in warm water is more powerful than you might think. We start our life and our bathing journey floating around in water; it is innate to us. During bathing, several actions unique to bathing will be exerted on the body, including hyperthermic action, hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, and viscosity of water.


Let's take a look at 8 scientifically proven benefits of bathing:


Taking a bath may help you to breathe easier

When the water is warmer and your heart is beating faster, your oxygen intake can be improved and the steam created can clear your sinuses and chest. Inhaling the pure essential oils steam eases respiratory issues by loosening stuck mucus so that you can breathe more easily (Choukroun M. L., Varene P., Pub Med).

It improves circulation and heart health

Taking a warm bath can improve circulation around the body and to the extremities as it makes the blood less viscous and the vessels function better. A new study found that a daily hot bath is also associated with a 28% lower risk of heart disease. They discovered this after tracking the bathing habits and cardiovascular disease risk of more than 61,000 Japanese adults for 20 years (Ukai T. et al., Heart).

Calms the nervous system

The autonomic nervous system responds to warm water immersion the same way it responds to meditation or a number of other relaxed states. Submerging the body in warm water can reduce cortisol secretion as well as other hormones related with stress. This produces muscular relaxation and diminished anxiety (Mooventhan A., Nivethitha L., Pub Med).

Burns calories

Taking a hot bath burns as many calories as a 30 minutes walk (about 140 cal). Hot-water immersion may enhance glucose metabolism and might have implications for improving metabolic health (Faulkner S. H., et al., Taylor & Francis Online).

Improves immunity

Not only does a warm bath make the blood flow easier, it also makes it more oxygenated eliminating toxins, viruses and bacteria from the body. A habit of immersion bathing in hot water was shown to be associated with strengthened immune function ( Goto Y., et al., Pub Med).

Benefits muscles, joints and bones

If you are experience muscular or joint pain, warm water can ease those aches by stimulating blood flow and loosening up muscles, tendons and tissues. Warmth and pressure of water also reduce swelling and reduces load on painful joints, remotes muscle relaxation (Everdsen L., Pub Med)

Aids sleep

If baths are taken at the right biological time -1-2 hours before bedtime-they will aid the natural circadian process and increases one's chances of not only falling asleep quickly but also of experiencing better quality sleep. The body temperature needs to drop to initiate good sleep. When we take a warm bath or shower, the body brings large amount of blood flow from the core to the surface, especially hands and feet and rejects the heat to the environment, causing a drop in body temperature (Haghayegh S., et al, Science Direct).

Cleanses and moisturizes your skin

Warm water opens up our pores and flushes out the dirt and toxins that build up throughout the day. A warm bath in combination with certain plant oils and essential oils can better hydrate and heal dry and irritated skin ( Goto Y., et al., Pub Med).

When your pores open due to warm temperatures they absorb the ingredients you are lying in. It is very important to use the purest products for your soak.

Natures smells speak to the body in a gentle way. Aromatic plants restore the human energy system - body, mind, spirit, emotions.

Follow your nose and listen to your body...

  • Seaweed salts make for a natural aromatic soak straight from the ocean. Soak in a bath... Breath deeply and know you have just nurtured your body - circulating the energy within.

  • Once your bath is complete and your body is relaxed, cleanse and moisturize with Zoap. Less is best, whilst you lather up your body pay attention to any tension, breathe into the area + let go...

  • After the bath cover your body with Body Oil or Body Butter. Begin at the heels - up over the toes - towards the heart - following lymph improves circulation which calms the mind while nourishing, moisturizing and hydrating your skin.

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